Support Project Pearl

Project Pearl is in need of your help. Read below to find out how to contribute, volunteer, advocate, and support Project Pearl!

  • Make a 100% tax-deductible donation to Project Pearl via Paypal!


    Or contributions can be sent to:
    Project Pearl
    PO Box 25044
    Winston-Salem, NC 27114-5044

    Make 100% tax-deductible contributions to Project Pearl and/or its special funds (see below).

    The Penny Fund for Sick/Injured Animals: This fund helps Project Pearl aid animals who need minor medical procedures that otherwise would prohibit them from entering the adoption program through the Forsyth County Animal Shelter.

    The Hazel Fund to Spay/Neuter: This fund helps Project Pearl offset spay/neuter funds for animals in adoption and foster care, reducing adoption fees and increasing the odds for successful adoptions. It also helps low-income and qualified individuals by providing vouchers for FCAC’s annual spay day event.

    The Maggie Fund: This fund provides support for the animals that are being fostered outside of animal control. These funds provide for various foster expenses including medication, vet visits and food. These funds, along with The Penny Fund, go to help animals like Lil’ Debbie.

    The Snoopy Fund: Adoption and Education Fairs: Project Pearl’s adoption/education fair program brings adoptable animals out to the community and provides educational opportunities regarding local ordinances – including mandatory vaccinations, tethering/licensing, and responsible pet ownership, as well as special programs like LEAF (Let’s End Animal Fighting), Houses for Hounds and AniMeals.