Foster Program

In January 2012 Project Pearl revitalized FCAC’s foster program by helping over a hundred animals the first year. Dogs and cats that are either too young for adoptions, medically are not qualified for adoptions or those needing life saving surgeries have been helped by our “Penny Fund”.

Foster Program Animals

Molly came to FCAC as a stray who was worryingly pregnant. She went into foster care 18 hours before giving birth to 4 puppies. Molly had an emergency C-section and has received medical care of intestinal parasites. Molly enjoys other dogs, but would prefer a household without feline distractions.

Denver came to FCAC as a stray and tested positive for heartworm.

Pearlie came to FCAC emaciated and heartworm positive.

Millie came to FCAC heartworm positive and unknowingly pregnant. After a complicated pregnancy due to heartworm, Millie had an emergency C-section and gave birth to 9 puppies. Unfortunately one did not survive, but the remaining 8 puppies were all adopted to wonderful homes.

Flower came to FCAC as a cruelty seizure for being starved. She is heartworm positive, was treated for Lyme disease and was emaciated when she entered our foster program. She is thriving in her foster home, has nearly doubled in weight and finally healthy enough to start her heartworm treatment.

Moxy, a former FCAC resident was returned a year after she was adopted and now is heartworm positive.

11-month-old Reesie was returned to FCAC when her owners could not financially afford her care. She is recovering from Entropion eye surgery.

Molly came in as a stray and was unable to move into adoptions since she was heartworm positive.

Skip came to FCAC as a stray and will be receiving treatment for heartworm disease.